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Our founder, Robert Labeda, was tired of his son’s wooden quad wheels breaking mid race so he set out to create a better wheel, Labeda Wheels, which are made out of urethane.  We were the first company to introduce urethane wheels in the United States.  As technologies improved, we combined forces with BF Goodrich.  This joint effort created the first urethane blended core (ESTALOC) to create a chemical bond with outer urethane to prevent delamination.  This was just one of our many firsts.  We created the first clear urethane wheel, the first aluminum core, and the first urethane core.  We also were the first company to bring FLEX TECHNOLOGY into the design of the wheel.  All of these firsts have enabled Labeda to stay on top of the game.  We created the standard in which the industry follows today.  Superior engineering, extensive research and development with the best service in the industry enables us to have the most serious commitment to retailers, skate manufacturers, skates, and competitors alike.  It comes as no surprise that this passion continues today.


Located in Southern California, our state of the art 70,000 sq. ft facility houses out world headquarters.  Here we have centralized our hub for worldwide distribution, design, engineering, testing, manufacturing, marketing, sales, shipping, warehousing, and administrative offices.  Having all our services under one roof allows for quicker market response which in turns enables improved service, efficiency, and quality.  Our market is highly competitive, so staying on top and creating new technology is paramount to out ongoing success.  As part of our world headquarters facility, our in-house R&D Department provides an immediate proving ground for new product formulas.  Our in house rink allows us to product test all current and future products.


With over four decades of experience and all of our innovations and industry firsts, our dedication to doing things right will always be a way of life.


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