About Us


The Mark Series

Labeda has been manufacturing performance skate wheels since 1969. The Mark series and Five Milers were the standard before anyone ever knew about making urethane wheels. History was made when the Mark series switched over to urethane. The Featherweights then took the design envelope even farther making them the lightest wheel to roll on floors.

The Proline

Not satisfied with just having the most innovative wheels on the market, the Proline was created. This plate was so far ahead of its time, it¹s design is still being copied to this day.


We have seen brands come and go, but Labeda continues to lead the way. To this day, we here at Labeda are still keeping to the same philosophy of making all of our wheels in the USA. When it comes to performance, innovation and tradition, there is only one choice, Labeda!


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