Custom Uniforms


  • image Birds-Eye Mesh

    100% polyester fabric with a moisture wicking treatment that allows perspiration to be drawn away from skin to outside of shirt for evaporation.

  • image Air Knit

    100% polyester heavyweight fabric with pin holes allow air to flow through the jersey. This durable fabric is commonly found in pro ice hockey jersey

  • image Popcorn Mesh

    100% polyester heavyweight fabric with a two-way stretch. This fabric commonly referred to as edge fabric can be found on newer pro replica jerseys

  • image Dazzle

    100% polyester fabric that absorbs moisture quickly. It is a lightweight fabric that allows air to circulate easily around the body.


  • image V-Neck

  • image Diamond Neck

  • image Pro Neck

  • image Lace Neck


  • image No Yoke

  • image Square Yoke

  • image Round Yoke


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